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"The Howie's PV tech was extremely professional, thorough, and courteous!" - Seattle Area Customer

Why Howie's Power-Vac?

We take care of your problem- the dirty air that affects your allergies, causes those unpleasant odors, unwanted dust, HVAC system maintenance and safety concerns.


We show up on time and do the quality work that you expect. Our customers tell us that we're the best. We've provided the highest quality and value in air duct cleaning, serving homes and businesses in the Seattle area since 1954. We have satisfied more than 100 service companies and 70,000 residential customers in our 60-year history.

Outstanding Customer Service

It's a hallmark of Howie's Power-Vac. When you call us you will always speak with a professional who will pay attention to your individual needs. You will receive the proper solution for your HVAC remediation.

"Howie's Power-Vac had efficient and professional people. They were thorough, clean and provided helpful information during their cleaning."

Powerful, State-Of-The-Art Equipment

The difference between a duct cleaning job done with a power vacuum truck and a portable system is enormous. A portable system does not have the power to remove all the dirt and debris in the average home's ductwork system. In fact, the EPA reports these substandard jobs can release more dust, dirt and other contaminants into the air than simply leaving the ducts alone. At Howie's, our truck-mounted vacuum is the most powerful and safe method for thoroughly cleaning your air duct system.

Courteous and Highly Competent Professionals

We treat your home or business as if it were our own… using tarps and wearing those cute little booties to ensure we leave no trace.

Total Source Removal Air Duct Cleaning

For New Construction/Post Remodel, Fire/Water Damage, Allergies/Sanitizing, Pet Dander, Nicotine odor, and Pest Contamination. We also clean Attic Insulation, Crawl Spaces, Dryer Vents, Pool Boilers and Commercial HVAC Systems.

Howie's Power-Vac
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